Consistent with our end-to-end approach to strategic consulting and business development, ECM3D, has the ability to assist our clients with their financing requirements (Debt or Equity) via our affiliates in the United States and South Africa. However, given that we are committed to building a strong, long-term foundation for economic development and wealth creation within the Diaspora, we do have a strong preference for investing in businesses, projects, and other initiatives that will enable us to contribute to that objective in a meaningful way.

In June of 2016, The Presidents Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA) made recommendations to President Barack Obama regarding five key areas for develop and investment in Sub-Sahara Africa. We at ECM3D have decided to embrace three (3) of those areas - Energy Infrastructure Development, Vocational and Skills Training, and Travel Routes and Transportation - because they are foundational to the continued strengthening and growth of all emerging markets on the continent. Likewise, we have chosen three (3) additional areas of focus - Real Estate Development (as it applies to affordable housing), Food Security, and Hospitality and Lifestyle Services - because we believe the former two directly address the basic rights and needs of all members of the Diaspora and the latter acknowledges that the Diaspora is an economically diverse demographic with an growing middle class - representing approximately one third of the population - that can afford and values high-quality goods and services.